Rule Changes

ODJFS, the government department that oversees our school, has made drastic changes to the format and content of the laws we have to follow.  Many of these changes do not affect you, but will change how teachers and administrators do different things pertaining to the operation of the school.  The changes are designed to provide a safer and more enriched experience for the students.  A copy of our new parent handbook is attached.  Please read it over, as you are responsible for knowing and adhering to the information contained in it.  There have been major changes to a couple different areas, so please pay attention to the policies dealing with medication, immunizations, emergency transportation, outside play temperature requirements, and crib requirements.  To comply with the new medication rule, we will be sending home medicine that is non-topical and non-prescription.  You are welcome to bring the medication back once the requirements listed in the handbook have been met.  Please feel free to ask us any questions you have about these new rules!


Annie’s Jam Band

Since the children had such a good time when she was here in September, we have decided to have Annie come to Joyland once a month to do music with the children!  This would be an additional class for all students much like Stretch and Grow is. These classes will occur during morning outside time for each classroom except Infants.