Infant 0-12 mo

Infants change dramatically and reach many milestones during their first year of life.  At Joyland we seek to encourage development while providing a safe, calming environment.  We want you to feel confident leaving your baby in the hands of our experienced infant teachers knowing that all their needs will be tended to.  Our infant room serves infants 6 weeks to 13 months. We offer both full and part time care (based on availability).

Our primary focus is the bond and relationship between the caregiver and each individual baby. Studies of attachment show that children who have emotionally secure relationships early in life are more likely to be self-confident and socially competent. We provide consistent care and low ratios in this room. Our caregivers can then learn the specific cries and personalities of each baby by spending individual time with each infant.

Once a baby is secure in their environment they will feel confident to explore. To encourage large motor development we create a safe space for free exploration of movement and challenges. For younger babies we allow for tummy time to help build core muscles. As they begin crawling we add a tunnel, soft blocks and mats for them to crawl under. We rotate toys on a daily basis to maintain interest for them to manipulate and work their fine motor skills. All the activities we provide help infants’ cognitive development, such as sorting objects and stacking blocks. Provided the weather is acceptable, we explore the outside three or more times a week.

In addition, we provide our infants with a language-rich environment by reading stories, singing songs and doing fingerplays daily. We repeat familiar words and simple gestures and introduce them to simple sign language. All of our activities are based upon our curriculum and our Infant Goals and Objectives.

Classroom Goals:

  • Meet infants’ emotional, physical, language, social and cognitive needs
  • Provide plenty of one-on-one attention with an assigned caregiver for every baby
  • Provide parents with excellent communication on baby’s daily activities
  • Let babies (or parents) set their individual schedule
  • Give parents reassurance knowing they can visit our center anytime without having to call in advance
  • Provide a safe, clean and calming environment