PreK 4 & 5 years

At Joyland our “Stars” room serves children aged 4 & 5 years but not yet eligible for Kindergarten. We offer both a full day and half day program (8:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.) with flexible hours and rates to accommodate families with varied schedules. We provide a safe learning environment which stimulates natural development. Our program covers all areas of a child’s development including social-emotional, language, cognitive and physical development.  We have a weekly theme schedule with monthly visitors to enhance our themes. All of our activities are based upon our curriculum and our Stars Goals and Objectives. We provide all the food your child will need throughout the day including breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. A schedule is provided below that outlines our meal times as well as our academic/learning times.

Classroom Goals:

  • Ability to effectively communicate with teachers and peers
  • Participates in large and small group activities
  • Cares for personal needs and belongings
  • Learns recognition of letters and letter sounds
  • Learns to hold pencil correctly and beginning writing skills
  • Learns to recognize the numbers 1 through 50
  • Learns simple addition and subtraction through hands on activities
  • Learns shapes, colors and sizes
  • Uses five senses to make observations
  • Examines different cultures and customs
  • Learns and follows classroom rules and the importance of sharing
  • Learns about weather, seasons and the environment
  • Expresses themselves through art and music everyday


7:00-9:00               Arrival/Free Play

9:00-9:30               Clean Up/Breakfast Snack

9:30-9:45             Circle Time

9:45/10:05           Writing/Fine Motor

10:05-10:35          Learning Centers

10:35-11:00           Art

11:00-11:40           Gross Motor Play/Handwashing

11:40-11:50           Story/Music

11:50-12:30           Lunch/Bathroom time

12:30-2:30             Nap/Quiet Activities

2:30-3:00               Bathroom/Afternoon Snack

3:00-3:40               Gross Motor Play/Handwashing

3:40-4:00               Afternoon Circle

4:00-4:30               Math/Science/Social Studies

4:30-5:00               Table Toys/Learning Centers

5:00-6:00               Free Play/Departure